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Prescription For Energy

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In Physics Energy Is The Capacity To Do Work
Energy = Matter. E = MC2 What is Your Energy Equivalence?
Overeating Late At Night Depletes Total Energy Reserves
The Protein Shake Is One Of The Best Ways To Sustain Energy

Colorful Vegetable Plate

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What’s Cookin? Colorful Vegetable Plate
Hot Topic: Springtime….Time To Cleanse!

Miso Soup...Revisited

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What’s Cookin? Miso Soup...Revisited
Hot Topic: Fat Phobia

PSN No. 19: Testosterone

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Testosterone Is The Principal and Most Potent Androgen Known
Testosterone Is Both A Steroid and Anabolic Hormone
The Average Male Produces Between 4 - 10 mg of Testosterone Daily
The Average Female Produces Between 0.04 - 0.12 mg of Testosterone Daily

Dr. Hans Kugler: Anti-Aging Specialist

V13N3c - Guest
Dr. Hans Kugler, PhD studied physiology at the University of Munich and received his PhD in chemistry from Stony Brook University in New York. As a Professor he taught chemistry at Roosevelt University, Chicago, where he began his aging research doing longevity studies on people and cancer prone animals.

Wasabi Salmon Tin Pinch

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What’s Cookin? Wasabi Salmon Tin Pinch
Hot Topic: Entrepreneur Assets & Benefits

Marguerite Ogle: Wellness Coach Extraordinaire

V12N3c - Guest
Marguerite Ogle is a wellness coach, Pilates and movement instructor, nutrition educator and writer. She is also the guide to Pilates at, the largest Pilates information website online. Marguerite has published hundreds of articles about fitness and Pilates, including interviews with many luminaries of the health and fitness industry.

PSN No. 15: Sarcopenia

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Sarcopenia is a Medical Term Meaning "Poverty of Flesh"
Sarcopenia In Most People Begins Around Age 25
Time is Not the Enemy But Damage Is! Prevent Damage!
Resistance Training & Optimum Nutrition Are Essential

Black Bean Carob Chili Pepper Cookie: Say What?

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What’s Cookin? Black Bean Carob Chili Pepper Cookie
Hot Topic: CHI Relocates To Beautiful Vernon BC

PSN No. 12: Cardiovascular Health

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The Heart Is The Center Of The Cardiovascular System
Poor Quality Blood Is A Primary Cause Of Heart Disease
Fitness Is A Means Of Measuring, Creating & Sustaining Good Health
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Is One Of the Best Predictors of Mortality Risk


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