Number 3

Sports Nutrition: Sales & Service

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To be Successful in the World Of Sales, We Must First Learn to Sell Ourselves
Selling is the World’s Highest Paid Profession
Selling Allows For Freedom of Expression
Selling Lets You Become as Successful as You’d Like to Be

The Essential Keys To Training Success: Part I

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The First Key is Nutrition
Training Intensity & Frequency are Two Determinants that Determine Calorie Needs & Nutrient Requirements
Take Vitamins & Minerals in their Proper Balance
Consume a Whole, Natural, Fresh Diet Rich in Micronutrients

Teen Talk: Who's the Boss?

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What’s Cookin? Ghee
Hot Topic: Teen Talk. Who’s The Boss?

Charity Begins at Home

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What’s Cookin? Stir Fry
Hot Topic: Charity Begins at Home

Relationships: Choosing the Right Partner

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What's Cookin? Choosing a Life Mate / Partner
Hot Topic: Benefits of Learning to Ballroom Dance

Dean Parkes - Retail Training. Getting The Message To The Consumer

V4N3c - Guest Deane Parkes has been involved in the natural products industry for the past 30 years. He has worked in all facets of the natural health business including retail, distribution and manufacturing.

Rob Holly - How To Buy A Car. The Human Element.

V3N3c - Guest
Rob Holly's sales experience spans twenty years in the automotive industry. He was the general manager at a BC jeep dealership where he helped achieve and maintain a number one standing amongst all jeep dealers in Canada . Rob also helped another Chrysler dealer outperform and maintain some of the highest CSI ratings in the country set by the manufacturer.

Daniel Crisafi - Focusing on Micronutrients for Young and Old

V2N3c - Guest
Daniel Crisafi began weight training in 1968. He achieved his first diploma, a physical culture instructor's diploma from the Weider Institute in 1974, the youngest person ever to do so. At that time, the Weider Diploma was considered the equivalent of today's certification as a personal fitness trainer.


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