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Dietary Supplements II: Medical Opposition

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North American Physicians Lack the Financial Incentive to Prevent Disease
Conventional Medicine is a Disease Management Business
Allopathic Physicians Have Little or No Training in Nutrition & Biological Medicine
BigPharma Can’t Patent Anything Found In Nature

The Art and Science of Sport Nutrition

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If You Train & Eat Food, You’re Engaged in Sports Nutrition
We're all Athletes Engaged in the Sport of Life
The ART Consists of Nourishing an Active Body With High Quality Food & Natural Health Products
The Science Helps All of Us To Understand the “How” and the “Why”

Diamonds & People: Complex & Multifaceted

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What’s Cookin? Homemade Soups
Hot Topic: Diamonds and People. Complex and Multi-Faceted

Let's Talk Turkey

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What’s Cookin? Let’s Talk Turkey
Hot Topic: Getting Back on Track after the Holidays

Get Motivated to Train in the New Year

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What's Cookin? What Is Getting Fit All About?
Hot Topic: Disciplined Regimen, Diet and Intensity in Training

Jim McMahon - Products That Refuel Your Tank.

V4N1c - Guest Jim McMahon is the founder & owner of the PVL Group, six companies based in BC doing business around the world. Each company is dedicated to making quality nutrition easy and a priority for every person from any walk of life.

Dr. John Winterdyk - Triathlete Training, Speed and Endurance

V3N1c - Guest
Dr. John Winterdyk is a professor and currently teaches at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta . He has competed successfully on the international circuit as a triathlete for many years, having won many titles including Ironman Canada in 1984. John is the co-author of The Complete Athlete: Integrating Fitness, Nutrition, and Natural Health.

Shelly Lynn Hughes - VISTA Magazine: Getting the Knowledge Out There

V2N1c - Guest
Shelly has been actively involved in the health and fitness industry for thirteen years. She is a founding partner and the Marketing Director for both VISTA Magazine and VISTA Publishing. Shelly is a motivational speaker and has a regular advice column in VISTA called "Ask Shelly".


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