Number 12

Pre-Party-Potion Anyone?

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What’s Cookin? Coconut Cream Chocolate Mousse
Hot Topic: Pre-Party-Potion

Jason Scott: Power Plate Trainer & Acceleration Training

V10N12c - Guest
Jason Scott has been actively involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Having qualified as a personal trainer in the UK in 1989, he enjoyed a successful career managing hotel leisure clubs, working for an osteopath and as a martial arts instructor before starting his own personal training business, JLS Pro-Fit.

PSN No. 3: The Science

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The Science Of Sports Nutrition Is A Derivative Of Scientific Investigation
True Science Is Objective and Performed Without Bias
Without Science We Wouldn’t Know That Vitamins & Minerals Exist
Opinions Are Neither Fact Nor Theory & Are Therefore Considered "Non-Scientific"

The Science of Selling

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What’s Cookin? Tahini Dressing
Hot Topic: Sales Science/CSNA Teaching Program

Jacque Fresco & Roxanne Meadows: Beyond Politics, Poverty & War

V9N12c - Guest
Jacque Fresco's background includes industrial design and social engineering, as well as being a forerunner in the field of Human Factors. Dr. Fresco, who was born in 1916.


V8N12a - Topics
Apitherapy Describes The Application and Self-Treatment Of Products From The Beehive
Pollen, Beebread, Honey, Royal Jelly, Propolis, Bee Venom, Bee Brood & Beeswax
Bee Venom Therapy Is Useful In Arthritis, Bursitis and Tendinitis
The Origins of Apitherapy Can Be Traced Back To Ancient Egypt, Greece and China

Meal Prepping & Serving A Meal

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What’s Cookin? Meal Prepping & Serving A Meal
Hot Topic: Life On The Road in Oahu Hawaii

Charles Poliquin: Poliquin International Certification Program

V8N12c - Guest
Charles Poliquin has been hailed as the most successful strength coach in the world. His ability to get results quickly, and back up his methods with plenty of science, is what sets him apart from the rest. Charles has coached athletes from many professional teams, including the Arizona Cardinals, Montreal Canadians, and Chicago Blackhawks, as well as several Olympic medalists.

Lube Up and Protect with Sport Oil

V7N12a - Topics
Essential Fatty Acids are Enormously Important to Understand
Emphasize More Dietary Omega-3 than Omega-6 (EFA Ratio 1:1)
Add 1-2 T. of Hemp, Flax or Chia Seed Oil to each Protein Shake
Avoid Fried Foods, "White Oils", Hydrogenated Fats and Trans-Fats

Rich & Tasty But Clean & Healthy

V7N12b - Topics
What’s Cookin? Rich & Tasty Christmas Dinner Ideas
Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Arizona


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