Stewart Brown - Genuine Health Products That Nourish The Body.

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Stewart Brown, Genuine Health's Founder and CEO, learned a long time ago the importance of natural health. With the help of a naturopathic doctor, Stewart overcame chronic migraines and improved his overall health by changing his diet and adding all-natural supplements. Since then, he's been committed to helping others achieve optimum health.

Prior to launching Genuine Health, he started his career as a sales rep in the natural food industry. This led to opening his own chain of natural heath stores. After meeting Sam Graci and personally experiencing the health benefits of greens+, Stewart moved from retailing to formulation and distribution under the name of Genuine Health in order to develop and share superior health products for Canadians, including enhanced greens+ formulas. Nearly 15 years later, Genuine Health has become an industry leader for its award-winning, natural products across all health categories with more in development.

Stewart holds an economics degree plus an honorary Doctor of Naturopathic Philosophy from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Besides loving his work, Stewart is a proud father of 3 boys. He leads a busy, active lifestyle that includes biking, skiing, racquet sports, and travelling.