Sean Loomer: Educational Health Entrepreneur

V16N10c - Guest
Sean began looking into optimizing his own nutritional and lifestyle choices in the mid-90s, after losing his mother to colon cancer. After earning his business degree from National University in San Diego, Sean started and sold many successful businesses.

His first goal in every venture is to educate, so that everyday people can be empowered to make informed decisions. Sean earned a reputation as a motivator, coach, natural speaker and as someone who could bring the best and brightest minds together in the pursuit of a shared goal.

After Sean began working with his wife and business partner Tylene, he realized that he could encourage people to improve their own health, share his personal experiences learning to balance western and "natural alternative" lifestyle elements, and use his communication skills to give a strong voice to nutritional research to help people make better personal choices.

Sean has worked with NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA teams, athletes, coaches & trainers. Inspiring true health in others has become his most passionate professional endeavor.