Volume 13

Wheyfinding: Which Whey To Go?

V13N2a - Topics
Wayfinding Is Used Widely In Travel And Tourism Literature
Wayfinding Describes Techniques Used To Locate Unmarked Regions
Whey Protein Isolate Is The Single Best Protein On The Market
Whey Protein Isolate By Definition Contains No Less Than 90% Protein

Bison Loaf...With A Twist!

V13N2b - Topics
What’s Cookin? Bison Loaf With A Twist
Hot Topic: Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

Dr. Jeff Spencer: Wellness Chiropractor

V13N2c - Guest
Dr. Jeffrey Spencer, Olympic cyclist, ICA "Sports Chiropractor of the Year", and author of Turn It Up! How to Perform at Your Highest Level for a Lifetime, has helped others win over 40 World, Olympic, National and Tour de France championships. He has worked with World Series MVP Troy Glaus, rock legend U2, NASCAR champion Bobby LaBonte, Maria Sharpova and Tiger Woods.

Mathew Park: INBF Canada President

V13N1c - Guest
Mathew grew up in the great community of Acadia Valley, is a WNBF Pro bodybuilder, Vice President of RE7, President of INBF Canada and owner of MatParkMuscle.com. Matt graduated with honors from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Personal Fitness Training.

Water Or Homemade Stock?

V13N1b - Topics
What’s Cookin? Water Or Homemade Stock?
Hot Topic: Flu Shots

PSN No. 18: Thyroid Health

V13N1a - Topics
Calcitonin Plays A Role In Calcium Metabolism And Homeostasis
Parathyroid Hormone Acts To Increase The Concentration Of Calcium In The Blood
Thyroid Disturbance In Pregnancy Affects Both Mother And Child's Health
Demand For Thyroid Hormones Is Increased During Pregnancy


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