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A New Paradigm of Sports Nutrition

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A Paradigm Serves as a Pattern or Model
Become “One” with Your Blender
Low-Fat Diets Can Threaten Our Intake of EFAs & Fat-Soluble Vitamins
Insufficient Micronutrient Intake is a Common Cause of Fatigue, Disordered Eating & Sports Injuries

Preventing Sports Injuries

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More Than 20% of All Reported Accidents are Sports Related
Cumulative Micro-Trauma Weakens Collagen Cross-Linking
Fear of Injury is Sometimes Used as an Excuse Not to Exercise
Cross-Training and Unilateral Training Helps Reduce Risk of Injury

Vitamin E: Companion to Vitamin C

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Vitamin E is Essential and Protects the Body
Vitamin E is a Family of Antioxidant Compounds called Tocopherols
Vitamin E can Reduce Inflammation In Muscles & Connective Tissue
Recommended Dosage for Athletes is 400-2000mg daily or 5-20mg per kg of Body Weight

Back to School Back to Work

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What’s Cookin? Leafy Greens
Hot Topic: Back to School Back to Work

Passion Pays

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What’s Cookin? Kids Lunchboxes
Hot Topic: Passion Pays

Defining Your Purpose

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What’s Cookin? Date Squares
Hot Topic: Emotional Intelligence

Balance and Harmony in Your Personal Relationships

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What's Cookin? Exploring the Different Facets Of Our Being
Hot Topic: Spiritual, Metaphysical, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Sexual, Financial and Social

Sam Graci - pH Balance. Acid or Alkaline?

V4N9c - Guest
Sam is an internationally-renowned researcher, formulator, lecturer, consultant and author in the field of optimal health and nutrition. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario in adolescent psychology and chemistry, Sam has additional degrees in special education and counseling.

Daniel Hawe: Talk Techniques. When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going.

V3N9c - Guest
Daniel Hawe is the founder and Director of, a Vancouver based company dedicated to providing group seminars and one-on-one professional development support in the areas of professionalism, communication and effective negotiation.

Phil Campbell - Ready Set Go Fitness and Growth Hormone

V2N9c - Guest
Phil Campbell is the author of Ready Set Go Fitness, an extremely comprehensive fitness training manual targeted at five major areas of fitness; flexibility, endurance, strength, power, and anaerobic conditioning.


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