Natasha Gonek: Death Investigator

V16N4c - Guest
Natasha Gonek has a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science and a minor in Psychology, as well as a compliment of other training in occupational health and safety, death investigation, interior design, crisis and suicide intervention.

Natasha is a Master’s level elite athlete and an avid participant in snowboarding, weightlifting, trail running, hiking, climbing, golf, lacrosse, gardening and woodworking. Since 2013 she has completed over 50 Spartan and other races at an elite level. She is has been both a competitive and recreational athlete her entire life.

Natasha competed in FemSport and was awarded a full CSNA bursary based on her sportsmanship and a keen desire to compete. Her belief is that life is a participant sport in which we get only one chance to enjoy, love and live. One of the best things we can do is demonstrate to kids and others how to achieve optimum health with fitness and nutrition so they too can fully enjoy the sport of life as they age.