Sylvia Rayner: Sports Hypnotherapist Extraordinaire

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Sylvia Rayner is a Certified NeuroOptimal Neurofeedback Trainer, a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and the Founder of CORTEX Hypnosis & Mental Training located in Squamish BC.

Helping athletes improve their “mental game” at all levels to improve skill and achieve top performance is Sylvia’s passion. Although sport is the main focus of her practice, she works on a wide range of cases and issues, such as stopping addictions, improving self-confidence, coping with anxiety and phobias, pain management and healing trauma.

Sylvia’s dream is to help people free their minds to transform and create the life they really want. Sylvia uses Hypnosis, NeurOptimal EEG biofeedback and a host of tried and tested practical techniques to get real, lasting results.

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