Len Osanic Interviews Dr. C: A Health Centered Consciousness

V10N1c - Guest
Len Osanic is our friend and webmaster, and of course our CHI studio recording expert. He records and edits all of the SNU audio files, but Len is also a fantastic musician and independent researcher.

After working with Col. Fletcher Prouty for 8 years Len decided to continue Fletcher's work and message by providing a focal point for important lectures and interviews. Black Op Radio provides weekly JFK research updates to keep the research community abreast of ongoing efforts around the world. When you think of conspiracy, investigating corruption and great interviews, think Black Op Radio.

Len works in his recording studio Fiasco Bros. and lives in Vancouver Canada. He plays in a band called The Secret Team and Tourist Machine and recorded an album with William Pepper called Songs of Peace and Violence in the Shadows of Drawn Swords.