Volume 10

Selfish Benevolence: The Science of Living Well

V10N12a - Topics
Don’t Impose Your Values On Anyone By Force
Everyone Is Selfish Or "Full Of Self" But Not Everyone Is Inconsiderate
Selfishness Is A Natural Biological State. "Selflessness" is a Myth
To Maintain Strength & Wellness We Must Live In Alliance With Self

PSN No. 69: Motivation

V10N11a - Topics
Motive Is An Emotion Or An Impulse That Acts As Incitement To Action
Be Careful What You Think About! Thoughts Are Things
We All Must Try To Have Some Degree Of Order In Our Life
There Is A Time For Everything Under The Sun

Habits of Health: World Travel

V10N10a - Topics
Seven Habits That Improve & Sustain Optimum Health
World Travel Teaches You How To Survive & Stay Well in the Real World
World Travel Broadens Your Mind & Expands Your Consciousness
World Travelers Have To Be Fearless, Flexible, Fluent & Adaptable

PSN No. 10: Biological Medicine

V10N9a - Topics
Biological Is Best! If If Isn't "Natural" It Most Likely Isn't Right!
Biological is Complimentary, Preventive, Alternative and Functional
Biological Conforms to the Universal Natural Law "Do No Harm"
Biological Medicine Teaches Us To Be Responsible For Our Own Health

PSN No. 9: Biochemical Individuality

V10N8a - Topics
Dr. Roger Williams Introduced The World To The Concept Of Biochemical Individuality
Everyone Is Genetically Unique & Requires Different Quantities Of The Same Nutrients
“What Is One Man’s Meat Is Another Man’s Poison” (Lucretius)
Ethical Nutrition Scientists Are Warning Us About Choosing The Wrong Food Base

Consistency from the Inside Out

V10N7a - Topics
Consistency Is An Outcome Or Effect...Not A Cause
Do You Know Anyone Who Is Consistently "Inconsistent"?
Knowing Is Doing. This Is Basic CHI Philosophy. If You Don’t “Do” You Don’t Know
The Best WORK Of Functional Health Is Based On Logic And Rational Thinking

PSN No. 8: Dietary Supplements

V10N6a - Topics
Dietary Supplements And NHPs Are The “Intelligent Choice”
Add Supps To Your Whole Food Diet To Make It Even Stronger
As We Age We Make Less Endogenous Nutrients, Hormones & Enzymes
Big Pharma, Conventional Medicine & Conventional Thinkers Poison Mainstream Awareness

PSN No. 7: Exercise

V10N5a - Topics
Exercise Is Not An Option
Exercise Is A State Of Mind And A Consciousness
There Is A Big Difference Between Exercise & Physical Activity
We Live In A Society That Appears To Be Terrified Of Physical Work

CHI Equation for Health

V10N4a - Topics
CHI Equation For Health: H = (nf)²
H Stands For Health, n For Nutrition and f For Fitness
n = Optimum Nutrition + Dietary Supplements APPLIED
f = The Science Of Fitness APPLIED (nf)² means double-it!

PSN No. 6: Nutrition

V10N3a - Topics
Nutrition Comes After “Sports” But Never Underestimate Its Power
Another Name For Nutrition Is ENERGY or VITALITY
In The Game Of Life And In The Sport Of Living We Need Nourishment
Blend The Consciousness Of Health with the Science of Fitness and Nutrition


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