Something From Nothing

In “A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing”, theoretical physicist and cosmologist Lawrence M. Krauss reveals that nothing is not nothing. Nothing is something and this he explains, with compelling evidence in the language of particle physics, quantum mechanics and scientific observation, is how the cosmos came into being.

Read or listen to the book, or watch his lecture on the YouTube video below. Either way, it might change your perspective on life and how you interpret your own origin. Personally, I love thinking I came from nothing because that’s exactly where I’m headed!

But guess what? Nothing is something! The statement defies our inherent sense of intuition, but today we must accept that almost everything that is real about our universe is impossible to detect or interpret using our limited perceptual senses.

Take light for example. Light is a form of radiant energy, typically defined as electromagnetic radiation visible to the human eye. The visible region perceived as light is responsible for our sense of sight.

For most of history, visible light was the only known part of the electromagnetic spectrum. But the entire spectrum, possible to detect only with imaging sensor technology, consists of a wide range of electromagnetic radiation frequencies, including radio waves, microwaves, gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet, infrared, terahertz and visible radiation.

So much for believing only in what we can see or for that matter, in anything without evidence, but here are the facts. Humans literally reconstruct a model of perceived reality in the posterior region of the brain called the visual cortex. Seeing begins when the lens of the eye focuses an external image on the photoreceptive cells of the retina. Photons of light are detected, neural impulses are produced and a signal is sent to the visual cortex to be processed.

When you look at anything, what you actually see is an image from the past. We exist in the present, but we can only see in the past because light travels at 299, 792, 458 m/s and therefore takes time to move between objects. Without light we’re all blind. We can only see what was, not actually what is and to see at all, we need light.

Maui Wowie

On the island of Maui with a small group of friends I trekked up the slopes of Haleakala, a massive shield volcano 10,000 feet high. Inside the huge 24,000 acre crater at the top, lie dozens of ancient lava tubes that descend for miles beneath the surface.

Protected with hard hats and armed with flashlights, we began our descent down one of these tubes for about 1 km until reaching our destination, a large hollow cavern formed from expanding molten rock millions of years ago.

Each of us found a ledge to lean on, and then as agreed in advance, we turned off our lights and ceased all conversation. Never before had I experienced such profound darkness or the sound of such great silence.

Finally someone spoke, but in the absence of light you can’t detect their presence by sight. Hearing someone’s voice without a visual fix is a strange and somewhat eerie experience, especially in an environment like that. It was very cool.

But I digress. The purpose of this article is to emphasis the existence of something real that like the universe can come from nothing. Actually, it comes from the habit of doing nothing, something we humans are exceptionally good at.

The “nothing” in the context of this article refers to the absence of movement, exercise and physical activity plainly evident in the vast majority of the population, especially adults. In spite of media hype and a vast number of recreational centers, gyms and fitness clubs, less than 2% of Canadian adults exercise routinely as a way of life.

The “something” that comes from the direct result of doing nothing is empirically obvious. Chronic widespread disease, premature degeneration, mental depression, obesity, heart disease, cancer and well, you get my drift, all manner of physical decay and morbidity.

Sitting is the New Smoking

Physical activity is the bane of modern life. We hate it and will do almost anything to avoid it. Anything is more important than that. First world humans have become experts at doing nothing and we even pride ourselves on it. Work that involves the slightest degree of physical exertion is viewed with distain. Walking a block is a waste of time.

Wouldn’t it be great if just lying around doing nothing created optimum health and vibrant wellness? Imagine a world of people existing in stasis using only our brains. But real life isn’t like that, although observation of the conventional minded masses would suggest we think otherwise.

Humans evolved with the need to move and like it or not, that essential biological need is still firmly established in the language of our genetic code. Physical activity was essential to our ability to hunt and gather, build shelter, defend ourselves and even procreate. In simple terms if we couldn’t move we died.

But sadly and to our national detriment, all of that has now changed. Today we’re breaking all the rules and the penalty is revealed by the law of cause and effect. Our present state of health is the effect. Blatant disregard for physical activity and exercise is the cause.

Amidst all the fancy automobiles, beautiful homes and jet airplanes, we’ve created a literal sea of infection, chronic pain and human suffering, all hidden from view behind the latest fashions of silk, linen and synthetics. Did I mention that "fine feathers don't make fine birds?" That statement comes from an Aesop Fable called The Vain Jackdaw.

Do you really think you can hide from reality?

In our culture of self-deception, decadence and pleasure-seeking madness, what lies behind the mantle is irrelevant, until of course, nature reminds you of her true power. Nature plays no favorites and if you disobey her, she makes you pay for it.

If you don’t pay me now she says, I’ll make you pay me later tenfold. But pay you must. Think of that each time you go to the gym. You’re actually paying a toll charge to get across the bridge of life in one piece.

Life is a Sport and like any sport it has rules. One of the rules of life that goes beyond food, air and water is physical movement. Man is designed to move and he doesn’t make the rules, nature does. We are not the architects.

Modern society has convinced itself that because virtually no one has to physically work any longer to get their bread and water, the physical work once required to achieve that end is now obsolete and worthless.

But nothing (no pun intended) could be farther from the truth. We created a biological gap with our machines and technology and it’s killing us.

But Cory you say, “We’re living longer than ever. The life expectancy in Canada is 81 compared to the Neolithic average of 20.”

Agreed. But once again I invite you to take a good look around. Examine the stats. Visit some urban hospitals. Look around at the people who are living longer. Talk to them but get past their persona of false perfection. Google the acronym for FINE and see what it really means. Soon you’ll discover how very few of us actually enjoy excellent functional health, inward and out.

Like zoo animals kept in cages we do live longer. But are we living better? What appears to be something wonderful on the surface is actually quite different underneath. Behind the fake smiles, colorful make-up and fancy suits lurks what we dare not mention.

Multiple surgeries, chronic inflammation, sagging skin, drooping body parts, brittle bones, muscle weakness, chronic fatigue, infertility, incontinence, insomnia, headaches, damaged organs, waistlines bulging through seams and the secret need for an infinite number of medications.

All evidence of something from nothing.

If you want to live long and stay well in this century, physical exercise is not an option. Get with natures program. Learn about Blue Zones, telomere chemistry and life extension strategies. It’s much better to be a biological conduit than a stagnant pool.

A stagnant pool is a breeding ground for disease. Sedentary living adds to our burden of stress. It actually causes morbidity and substantially increases all-cause mortality risk. Prolonged inactivity destroys the immune system, robs the body of vital capacity and greatly reduces human motivation.

But when you fight the urge to do nothing and physically move your body, something wonderful happens. The nothing changes into controlled intelligent movement and a spectacular new universe of health and wellness is created!

Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst

Stay well and live free!