Sports Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety consists of psychological and physical symptoms brought about by a sense of apprehension of a perceived threat. This state can differ according to the situation and the individual. It could be related to public speaking, a musical performance, acting on stage or asking your boss for a raise.

Changing Up Your Routine

Periodization is a training system that changes workouts at regular intervals of time. The concept originated from the former Eastern Bloc countries of the Soviet Union and East Germany and was developed to assist world class athletes succeed in competition. Today periodization is recognized as an integral component of exercise training for all fitness athletes.

Exercise, Cognitive Function & Energy

The benefits of controlled exercise and physical activity in all its varied forms are as infinite as the universe. There are billions of planets, stars and galaxies and quite possibly, an infinite number of universes. Known as multiverse theory, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, and the physical laws and constants that describe them.

Indoor Rowing

Indoor rowing machines, known also as ergometers, simulate the rowing action of waterborne rowing for the purpose of exercise or as an adjunctive method of training for rowing on water. Today rowing is a popular form of cardio in gyms around the world and provides a unique form of cross-training alternative.

Kids At The Gym

The health of our children is a direct reflection of our society, culture, education (or lack of it), our own efforts and their lifestyle, not genetics as many people claim (children born with congenital defects, learning disabilities or genetic anomalies excluded).

Fitness On The Move

The purpose or function of fitness is to get fit (not lose weight). Body composition is managed best through a combination of optimum nutrition and movement, otherwise known as holistic sports nutrition. Increased fitness is associated with better health, less chronic disease and reduced risk of mortality from all causes. But what is fitness exactly and how does one measure it?

Something From Nothing

In “A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing”, theoretical physicist and cosmologist Lawrence M. Krauss reveals that nothing is not nothing. Nothing is something and this he explains, with compelling evidence in the language of particle physics, quantum mechanics and scientific observation, is how the cosmos came into being.

Principles of Weight Training (Part Three)

In this third and final section, Id like to focus on what I call the Essential Keys to Training Success. These essential keys include Nutrition, Consistency, Intensity, Sleep and Attitude. Keep in mind what "essential" means. Must have. Not an option. Do or die.

Principles of Weight Training (Part Two)

In the initial stages of training, your own bodyweight and machines such as Nautilus, Hammer Strength, Cam II, Apex, Strive, and Flex are useful to prepare for more advanced exercises using free weights. The line of motion in machines is "fixed" throughout a specific range of exercise motion, preventing any deviation of movement away from the guided plane.

Time to Compete (Part Four)

In part three of this 4-part series I presented and reviewed my standard daily diet. Keep in mind that I’m training for and competing in the Hawaiian Natural Muscle Bodybuilding Championships on June 8th, 2013, in Nanakuli which is located on the west side of Oahu. So Hang loose Brah, the best is yet to come!


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