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Creatine is Good for Every Body

Chances are you’ve already heard something about creatine. Perhaps you’ve seen it displayed on a vitamin shelf, advertised in a magazine or featured on a TV show like 20/20. But what exactly is creatine and where does it come from? Is it safe?

Charging Up with Electrolytes

Energy, strength and stamina are composites of true health and lasting performance. These virtues embody the principle objectives of all athletes, and as the science of sports nutrition continues to evolve, thousands of active men and women are slowly but surely developing an understanding of biological medicine, optimum nutrition and the intelligent use of dietary supplements.

Androstenedione: Position Statement

Before I comment on androstenedione and its controversy in sport and bodybuilding, let’s start first with how to pronounce it. Stedman’s Medical Dictionary (26th Edition) lists it as follows: an-dro-stene-di-one (an-dro-steen-die-own) an androgenic steroid of weaker biological potency than testosterone; secreted by the testis, ovary and adrenal cortex.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Identified originally in 1937 as a "potato growth factor", alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is a real biochemical work horse. As a vitamin-like substance which contains sulfur, it works with thiamin (B1)and niacin (B3) as a cofactor in reactions which produce ATP, the body’s primary energy currency.


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