PSN No.1: Sports Nutrition

What does Sports Nutrition mean to me? Well I think of life itself as a sport and anyone moving in life requires nutrition. So sports nutrition is for everyone, every BODY. Everybody needs to maximize performance in life and one of the basic criteria, one of the critical factors to long term health and human performance is excellent and optimum nutrition.

I say sports nutrition is salvation because it’s the only category in the natural healthy food industry that brings both sport and physical activity and exercise and fitness together with nutrition. If you study homeopathy or botanical medicine or antioxidant biochemistry, you will not see a very strong emphasis in the text and literature on the importance of exercise tied in with it. This is what makes sports nutrition unique.

Sports nutrition is about movement, it's about fitness and it's about training, but it’s also about physical activity, as a lifestyle. It’s implied. We know that if you don’t move you’ll die sooner and you will die longer. Now what does that mean?

It means that because of rescue medicine and the technology that’s available and the prescription drugs we keep sick people alive longer. But they’re dead! They’re useless. They’re not alive. They’re not truly alive in the truest sense of what life and vitality and energy, and health is all about.

So sports nutrition is really about life. It’s about transferring from the outside world as in food and air and water, it’s about bringing into your body the highest quality, highest vibratory essence or “chi” of food. The function of food is to transfer energy and micronutrients into the body.

Why? Because this is essential. It’s necessary. It’s not an option. That’s why we eat.

That is a critical fact that we have to get across to people, that you don’t use your taste buds to choose food. You think in terms of science. You think in terms of life and vitality, and maintaining and culturing your highest potential chi.

Sports Nutrition is a beautiful thing. It’s a wonderful concept because when you give somebody your prescription for health you’re going to get them moving, you’re going to design an exercise program for them. You’re going to teach them how to exercise correctly and then you’re going to set them up on an excellent diet, a diet that is compatible with their genome and their individual biochemistry.

And if they take your advice and if they do the work, they will get more reliable benefits from that approach than anything known in the world. And that is why I love sports nutrition and that is why I incorporated myself and created the Cory Holly Institute, because I believe that this remarkable science that we call sports nutrition is the most reliable approach when it comes to health and healing.

And this is why I do it myself because I’m interested in health and ultimately I’m still doing the same thing today that I was doing when I first started and first became interested in the natural health industry. I’m doing the work of health because I want to stay well my entire life until the very end. So let’s get that message across LOUD and CLEAR!

That Sports Nutrition is where it’s at!

“We are all athletes engaged in the Sport of Life” ~ Dr.C

PSN No.1: Sports Nutrition - Clinical Review (Audio Tutorial) SNU V9N10

As always...stay well and live free.