CSNA Tuition Rates

Please choose the correct tuition Hub for your location, profession or situation. Hubs are CHI approved tuition distribution centers only. All students are managed personally and certified by the Cory Holly Institute. After you enroll in the course and complete your membership registration, you will be contacted by CHI to set-up your initial student consultation by telephone or Skype.

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CSNA Education Program International Residents

CSNA International CSNA HUB
CSNA Student Tuition $995.00 USD
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Canadian Residents Only (Personal Trainers)

CSNA Student Tuition $995.00 CAD
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CSNA Primer Intro Course

International PSN HUB INFOFIT
PSN Student Tuition $395.00 CAD
110 Principles of Sports Nutrition (PSN)
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CSNA Corporate Tuition Rate

Ideal for retailers, wholesalers, small business operations and health, nutrition and/or fitness related companies. Common sense and logic dictates that employees educated in the principles and science of health, wellness, fitness, dietary supplements, functional medicine, health conditions and holistic sports nutrition perform better than those who are not. The purpose of education specific to any field is to increase one's capacity to yield value and perform in a superior fashion. More details here...