Colgan Chronicles Interview

CC: Cory, you are known throughout Canada for your expertise in the matter of diet, exercise and nutritional strategies to attain both peak physical as well as mental performance. Simply put, what are the key components to optimum health?

Clayton College Interview

Cory Holly’s five–word affirmation, I want to be well is the rock–solid foundation on which his robust lifestyle is built. Through self–motivation he devotes at least an hour each day to researching the latest news in nutrition and then crystallizes his findings into phrases, headlines and multi–part articles for newsletters, magazines and book chapters.

Interview NutraBeauty News

This week we have the honor of gaining valuable knowledge from a noted authority in the fields of fitness, nutrition and sports. Founder of the Cory Holly Institute and creator of the Cory Holly Signature Series of supplements, Dr. Holly is also a writer, speaker and teacher.

Linda Cusmano Interview

CHI Executive Director Tracy Kaye Holly interviews Fitness Expert Linda Cusmano
TKH: How did you get involved in the fitness field?

Canadian Natural Health Retailer

CNHR: In your opinion Cory, what is happening with the sports nutrition industry right now? Give us an update into the market both in Canada and the U.S.?


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