He-Said-She-Said Volume 11

Q: Cory, where can you find a good doctor that helps athletes? When you get all of your blood work done where do you go? What do you test your blood for? Recently I had my blood checked. The doctor didn't want to check my homocysteine levels because the medical system doesn't think it needs to be tested?

He-Said-She-Said Volume 12

Q: Tracy, can you tell me what exercises I can do to build size and strength in my shoulders? My legs and back are fine, but my shoulders definitely need some work.

He-Said-She-Said Volume 10

Q: Cory, where can I go to have my athletic fitness tested and receive an overall assessment of my health and biological age?

He-Said-She-Said Volume 9

Q: Tracy, I find it difficult to keep clear and focused about my training and exercise regime. Do you have any suggestions about what I can do to stay motivated?

He-Said-She-Said Volume 8

Q: Tracy, when I do a hard leg workout I feel nauseous, why is this? I work other muscle groups and don't feel this way.

A: Good question. Leg training is always tough; the legs (quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes) are the body's largest muscles and require more oxygen during exercise than any other bodypart.

He-Said-She-Said Volume 7

Q: Tracy, I don' feel I'm getting the intensity I need in my workouts as I suffer with chronic pain from training injuries which interferes with my progression. Any suggestions?

He-Said-She-Said Volume 6

Q: Tracy, I train hard, have a lean physique and I incorporate all the principals you and Cory suggest for supplements and diet, but I do on occasion have a craving for something sweet. Can you recommend a healthy alternative?

He-Said-She-Said Volume 5

Q: Tracy, I need to lose some body fat around my butt and thigh area, can you tell me the best way to do that?

He-Said-She-Said Volume 4

Q: Tracy, I am a 30 year old female and I have been training for many years, my friends tell me I look good and I should enter a bodybuilding or fitness competition, how do I get started?

He-Said-She-Said Volume 3

Q: Tracy, I understand the importance of training, but I work full time and my job is very physical. I am also married with 2 school-aged children. What should I do?


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