Bollywood DanceFIT Teacher Training Program

This certification program taught by Tracy Kaye Holly will teach and certify prospective students to become Bollywood DanceFit instructors.This 10 week program is ideal for dancers, group instructors and dance teachers who would like to teach Bollywood DanceFIT.

Bollywood DanceFIT is a 45 minute group exercise class founded by Tracy Kaye Holly. The classes are based on a template of pre-choreographed barefoot exercises, dance principals and functional body weight movement sequences.

Bollywood DanceFIT instructors are knowledgeable and provide tidbits of nutritional advice and leading edge scientific researched information in each class. Bollywood DanceFIT classes are efficient and functional and accommodate students of any level of fitness or dance experience. Bollywood DanceFIT classes are consistent, participants will always know what to expect. Participants will master the technique through repetition on a regular basis. Bollywood DanceFIT classes are equipment free.

Program Duration

10 - 1 hour sessions of consultation and private personal dance instruction.

Homework Hours

10 Hours of Homework Assignments

Assessment Methods & Apprenticeship

Students are required to submit an open book multiple choice exam at the beginning of Sessions 2-9 at the beginning of each session. Exams are based on previous sessions given by the Instructor and printed/audio homework assignments. Each student must submit to the teacher in advance an outline of the class they are required to teach to a Bollywood DanceFIT class of dance students. The teacher will mark the mandatory qualifications for certification.

Attendance Code

Students are expected to attend 100% of the course instructional hours in order to receive a certificate of completion. Those who miss a scheduled appointment will be required to complete their homework from the previous session and listen to the audio assignments.

Dress Code

Students are required to dress in Bollywood gear as described by the teacher.

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